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What the Flux, is Flux?

What the Flux, is Flux?

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Oct 5 · 4 min read

And why it changes Blockchain as we know it. A snapshot of the new disruptive technology.

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Flux is a Decentralized Computational Network utilizing over 800 private servers and over 100 node operators. It allows for applications, written in any dockerizable language, to be launched simultaneously across multiple nodes. Flux currently utilizes Docker and Dockerhub to support interoperability across programming languages. Flux is underpinned by ZelNode operators who are rewarded with a portion of the Zel block. Initial projects launching on Flux during its beta stage will be limited and launched without a formal governance process in a centralized manner. As Flux matures, it will include a governance process involving Zel holders, and become more decentralized.

  • What is Flux used for currently?

Flux 1.0 was just launched on September 22nd, 2020. This brings the ability to launch zelApps across multiple flux instances. Currently, the first zelApps launched on the network are [email protected], our basic Zel explorer, Dibi fetch — Zel’s early version of a Price Oracle, and our first third party project launching on Flux — Kadena nodes.

  • What will Flux be used for in the future?

Flux will be used to launch the next line of decentralized applications. We will partner with projects and bring their applications, use-cases, and infrastructure to flux in a decentralized manner. All projects and developers will be vetted before being able to launch on Flux as a global application. These applications can take the form of oracles, a projects validators nodes, a front end for their website, some sort of liquidity pool, or a decentralized application — basically, most things that can be dockerized can be launched on Flux.

  • What blockchains can interact with flux?

The way that Flux was created allows for full interaction with any blockchain. This means that any blockchain can launch dApps or host infrastructure via Flux. Our goal is to support and run applications with as many different blockchains as possible. Kadena will be the first third-party blockchain leveraging the Flux network.

  • Who can launch on Flux?

There are two forms of launching on flux. Local registration, which involves only launching the application on your ZelNode, and Global registration, which spawns the application stochastically across ZelNodes.

  • What is a local registration?

Local registration is locally running an application on only your node that you are logged into. This application can be any app that is currently hard-coded into Flux. These apps currently are [email protected] and Kadena validator nodes.

  • Who can use local registration?

Currently, all ZelNode operators are allowed to use local registration on their own ZelNodes.

  • What is global registration?

Global registration is downloading and registering an application on a variety of zelnodes. This is utilized for partners/projects who wish to launch their application via flux. These users are vetted and their use cases will be known to the community before being launched. You can currently apply via our discord. In the future, this will involve a form of governance from the community.

  • Who can use global registration?

Global registration is currently limited to only team members and vetted entities. As a showcase of Flux, we have already launched Kadena validator nodes and Dibifetch instances across flux.

  • Why Local V Global?

A project/app would want to be launched globally as it guarantees a minimum amount of nodes will be running the application. This provides redundancy and additionally latency pros. A local application on the other hand has no minimum amount of nodes running the application, and it is up to the node owners’ discretion if they wish to run the docker.

  • Will Flux have governance?

In short, Yes. Our end goal is to build a completely Decentralized Computational Network governed by the Zel DAO, completely handed off to the community. This is our long term vision. In the short term, we want to create a governance process to decide what launches on flux utilizing ZelNode operators.

  • How will Flux increase Zel value?

Our goal in regards to Zel with Flux is to increase Zel value to further incentivize node operators, and to increase the number of nodes being operated. We will do this by further increasing the scope that Zel plays within Flux. Without revealing too much, we will add governance, a mechanism that projects/partners have to lock Zel to launch their application, a small fee to submit a proposal to governance, and a few other things we will keep secret for now.

  • When will more information be released?

We are going to release an updated Flux roadmap in a very short bit. Aside from that, we will work on getting detailed documentation regarding launching on Flux, further incentives to host ZelNodes, our governance model, and our flux white paper released. We will aim to disseminate more detailed information by Q4 of 2020.

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