Meet the team

Meet the people building out the Flux vision of a decentralized world. The team is a decentralized organizational structure that distributes responsibility for daily management task among several departments and individuals.

Parker Honeyman

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Tadeáš Kmenta

Co-Founder and Developer

Daniel Keller

Co-Founder and CSO

Valter Silva

Senior Developer

Jeremy Andersen

Senior Developer

Tim Bukher

Chief Legal Council

Ali Malik

Business Development

Călin Timaru

UX/UI, Graphic Designer & Front-end Web Developer

Dimitris Kats

Video Developer

Tim Sulmone

Developer, Media Contributor & Community Moderator

Tuukka Tinkala

Media Contributor & Community Moderator

Kamil Piekarski

Developer, Infra Team & Community Moderator

Vasilis Magkoutis

Full Stack Developer

Greg Probst

Infrastructure & Security Engineer

Simon Jewell

Full Stack Developer

Ryan Deimling

Infrastructure & Wiki Developer

Ali Mahdavi

Full Stack Developer

Anthony Foussette

Full Stack Developer