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App creators, blockchain builders, web designers, and any type of developer can Dockerize their innovations and easily deploy them on reliable, scalable decentralized infrastructure.

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FluxOS is a revolutionary second-layer operating system/application that allows hardened dockerized apps to run on Flux’s fully decentralized computational network.

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Decentralized cloud computing
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Decentralized nodes for Dapps

About FluxOS

"When the internet was created, the common question was, What can it be used for?
When FluxOS was created, the question is, What can’t it be used for?
-Daniel Keller, Co-Founder

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There are endless use-cases for the Flux network including:

Blockchain as a Service – Hosting blockchain nodes and apps.
DApps – Run decentralized applications.
Oracles – Run apps to provide decentralized data sets (DibiFetch is achieving this by pulling pricing data for cryptocurrencies from multiple exchanges).
Price Rate Servers – The ZelCore wallet pulls all pricing data from price rate servers running on FluxOS.
Game and web servers - Hosting of game and web servers to provide content for end-users.

Once deployed, FluxOS ensures all nodes are running properly and communicating throughout the network and ensures the correct number of instances are running.

Built using Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node (MEVN Stack), FluxOS is a highly-accessible playground for developers that is completely open-source.


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FluxOS platform gives developers and node operators the ability to easily use and perform functions like:

Easy to use interface

Competitive prices

3. Up time

Deploy dApps
Check nodes
View resources
View rewards
Use global apps
Vote on XDAO

Horizontal Scaling
and Redundancy

Global applications running on FluxOS automatically replicate across the network, ensuring that your app will always be available, even if a node is offline due to power failure or other outages.

FluxNodes Infrastructure

The FluxOS decentralized computational network is powered by individual Flux holders running FluxNodes. These FluxNodes are geographically-spaced all over the world, so developers can be assured that their apps are accessible by users at all times and locations.


API Backend

FluxOS allows the deployment and management of any app around the world via API and UI. Create your own service that launches apps on FluxOS seamlessly.


FluxOS is powered by Flux, but it is fully compatible with any blockchain. Run any app on any chain on FluxOS.