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An incubation and acceleration project for blockchain and technology-based projects with a focus on early stage start-ups in the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

What is FluxLabs?

About FluxLabs

FluxLabs will focus on projects that add beneficial and functional technology to the industry. All projects joining the FluxLabs incubator program will need to be operating, in full developmental phase and have a vetted business model. As a part of the incubation program, FluxLabs has created one of the best communities and networks of blockchain technology entrepreneurs, experts and mentors that have the bandwidth and infrastructure to support and develop startups in growing their business, strengthening their commercial presence and increasing their outreach and competitiveness in local, regional and international markets.

The program emphasizes on three specific pillars:

  • Beneficial specific use-case and adoption in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
  • Structured brainstorming workshops, community events, and raising awareness of both Flux and the FluxLabs projects together.
  • Facilitate connections with like-minded projects and co-marketing for new technologies and partnerships.
What we do?

Areas of FluxLabs

Blockchain Technology — offering insight into blockchain technology and connections throughout the industry. It’s tailored for professionals who are highly experienced, possess business knowledge and working relationships, or have a deep interest and would like to learn how to apply blockchain ideas into real life use cases.
Business Education — tailored to blockchain enthusiasts and the tech savvy, but also to those looking to learn more…to deepen and enhance their knowledge, expertise and skill set. In addition, those who want to take their businesses beyond the ideation stage, through execution, to a thriving start-up.

Unlike others in the space that require massive amounts of the project’s coins and tokens, FluxLabs services are completely free of charge. “We believe in the adoption of the space, and not extorting new project to be noticed and will place focus on the tech, not the frothy money like today’s process,” Daniel stated. The new addition to Flux ecosystem is a timely one, and new projects with value enter the space daily. “We tend not to spend time building hype, we deliver the best of technology right here, and we don’t need a paid crowd to do it,” said Daniel. FluxLabs is a name under which we, as developers, are able to continue to work on our skunkworks projects, working with new and emerging technologies and ideas. With a focus on decentralized systems and networks, Web3 and of course blockchains. We look forward to continue working with projects and teams on the aforementioned.”


Portfolio of FluxLabs

What innovators think

We are really excited to partner up with RunOnFlux KDLaunch will operate on Flux's fully decentralized cloud infrastructure @zelcore_io will integrate KDL's launchpad into its wallet. The future is Web 3 and we want to be a part of it


Today, Flux demonstrated the power of decentralized infrastructure.Through their Kadena node network, they supported #Kaddex when we discovered issues with our nodes.Once we transitioned fully to @RunOnFlux nodes, we saw immediate improvement in performance of the DEX.


We are thrilled to be the first GameFi on Kadena to be running on Flux’s fully decentralized cloud Infrastructure! If you think that decentralization matters and you want to be part of #web3. Don’t settle on your nodes: @RunOnFlux!

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