Flux dApp Cost Calculator

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How many instances will you be running?
(min 3 / max 100)
How many cores do you require?
(min 0.1 / max 7.0)
0.06 FLUX
per 0.1 Core
How much memory will your application need?
(min 100 MB / max 28000 MB)
0.02 FLUX
per 100 MB
How much storage should we reserve for your app?
(min 1 GB / max 565 GB)
0.01 FLUX
per 1 GB

What is an instance?

An instance is a Flux Node, which is like a Docker Container, holding a copy of your application. We deploy to 3 instances minimum, on the Flux network to ensure service continuity of your application using load balancing. If one node goes down, another will automatically spin up and replicate your app, seemlessly in the background, without end users noticing any loss of service or change.

Can I change the specs later?

Yes, you can always increase or decrease any of the parameters as you see fit! This is all managed via FluxOS home.runonflux.io

How much is 1 Flux?

Currently the value of 1 flux is:

You can buy flux on the following exchanges: https://runonflux.io/flux.html#exchanges